Successful meetings


When you have important meetings that must not go wrong, you can trust us. Our vision of overall responsibility means that you can put all your focus on customer care and content to the meeting. We call this MPC’s Event Security.

MPC Agency is an independent booking agency, therefore we don’t have any standard solutions. We always proceed with your requirements and conditions in focus. The purpose of the meeting, which environment you want to be in and what budget you are presenting are some of the questions we’ll go through in order to deliver a proposal that suits your needs.

Complete responsibility

When you book through us, we take full responsibility for the process. All administration, logistics, billing and planning etc. are on our table. We’ll also make sure that a follow-up are made to evaluate your arrangement.

A project manager will be assigned to you as your only need of contact during the whole process to make it as smooth as possible for you. This person has complete responsibility and is present during the event, all to ensure that you’ll have a successful meeting.

We are always updated within our area by visiting facilities, hotels, testing menus etc. to provide genuine and affordable offers. We are also taking in consideration previous costumers recommendations and opinions.

Additional services

We have a broad spectra of updated contacts and can make sure that you’ll get whatever activity and entertainment you need.


MPC Agency makes international events and will gladly tailor your trips abroad. Through contacts and partners we can offer unique arrangements with that little extra.

"We can offer unique arrangements with that little extra"


MPC Agency has 19 years of experience in relationship building activities and tailor business activities for companies and their clients. Our efforts are characterized by high quality and performed with great personal commitment and high level of service. Below is a selection of our customers.